Windsurfing in Belize

Belize is fast becoming a popular tourist destination for the adventurous travelers because of the scope it provides for Belize windsurfing and the like. The place is noted for its Barrier Reef and offers plenty of attractions and activities to travelers. It is a tropical place to explore and a dream destination for people from all around the world.

Belize is an ideal travel destination not only for adventure sports lovers but also for families. The challenging wave conditions and the almost constant 15-knot trade winds have made Belize an ideal location to take up water sports such as windsurfing and kite surfing. Travelers can make use of facilities such as trained instructors, rental equipment and calm waters in this magical place. Experts and advanced students can choose to engage in Belize windsurfing in plenty of other prime locations.

Several places in Belize offer excellent windsurfing facilities. Those who wish to windsurf in normal wind centers can select Belize as their ideal travel destination. Windsurfers who are happy with 12–20 knots will find Belize to be their ultimate paradise. 
Those who are keen on learning windsurfing in Belize can travel to Belize any time of the year. Intermediates can travel between November and July. Windy period in Belize spans from February to July. A large protected area for sailing is provided by the Ambergris Caye which is dominated by the reef. The mild, onshore winds blowing in this caye makes it a popular spot for pursuing windsurfing, sailing and other similar activities in Belize. The location on Long Caye at Glover’s Reef also offers best opportunities for windsurfing for both newcomers and experts. 
In short, Belize enjoys excellent conditions for wind sports. The place is noted for its warm waters, steady winds and plenty of accesses to the sea which makes it an ideal windsurfing holiday destination.