White Water Rafting

Belize is blessed with an unique inland water network. The Macal River is a good place to start the water rafting Belize as it has plenty of rapids, which make rafting there extremely challenging. With the rivers paddling down into the Caribbean, the pleasures of white water rafting in Belize have been discovered pretty late. The trip generally combines an exotic mix of the natural beauty and the challenges of rafting along with jungle vines and waterfalls. You can paddle as much as 8 to 9 miles in a day.

Various river water rafting Belize trips are there that you can try depending on what your preferences are. Most importantly there is something for all levels of expertise and if you are just starting, it is better to choose the shorter rapids Class-II. It will also help you discover the long forgotten Mayan ruins at Xunantunich. Here you will find the ancient Castillo pyramid which is 200 foot high.

Water rafting Belize is done mostly in three rivers, the Belize river, the Mopan river and the Macal river. You can also try out the northern rivers like the Raspacula and the Upper Swasey which are popular choices amongst the beginners. If you are looking for an extra dose of adventure, then the Cockscomb Basin Forest Reserve is a good choice as you can come closer to the copious wildlife of the country. 
You can plan for an one day trip or even a full week trip if you are in a group. The group size varies from 8 to 14 members. You can choose from the Wilderness adventure, Mayan Ruins and the caves explorations, Glover’s reef and of course the jungle adventure that will present before you a different picture of a wilder Belize.