Videos about Belize

A picture is worth a thousand words. And a video is worth as many pictures. In order to truly grasp the beauty of Belize, a number of videos have been released onto the internet, mainly on Youtube. We have selected those videos that are worth sharing, and have collected them in the articles displayed below.

Note that these videos have not been created by, for, or in association with They are video’s that are freely available for all to see on internet including Youtube. 
Don’t let us hold you, enjoy Belize in sound, color and movement: select one of the articles below. 

Be One with Belize

The Belize Tourism Board has created a video, Be One with Belize, on Belize. These video cover an introduction to Belize, followed by items about the jungle, the sea, the Maya and the culture of Belize. Based on the subjects this video is a remake of the earlier videos Mother Nature's Best Kept Secret.

Mother Nature's Best Kept Secret

In 2001, the Belize Tourist Board created the video series “Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret“. It is available on Youtube in three parts. A new version of the video with exact the same name has been published in 2007 in six parts. 

Heavenly Belize

Absolutely wonderful aerial photographs combined in a video Heavenly Belize of Belize created by photographer Marius Jovaisa. 

Househunters Belize

The US serie Househunters International has an episode about Belize, in which condominiums are hunted in San Pedro.