Unitedville, formerly known as Small Barton Creek

Unitedville is located at mile 59 of the George Price Highway (or Western Highway) and so approximately half way Belmopan and the combination of Santa Elena and San Ignacio. With this location the twin cities of Santa Elena and San Ignacio are the nearest biggest town, but for the administrative services the villagers need to go to Belmopan. The village consists of approximately 1,000 persons with as main ethnic groups the Creoles and the Mestizos.

Traditionally most villagers are farming for their living. The farming production consists of corn, ground food, beans, rice, tropical fruits, chickens and small livestock. Of this farming production the surplus is sold. A recent development is that younger members of the village are working in construction or in public service.

The origins of Unitedville go back to the time that the Belize River was the main way of transportation to the west of British Honduras, as the name of Belize was as a colony of the United Kingdom. In that time many small posts were established along the Belize River, which provided diverse services to travelers and workers. For the development the transportation needed to be better so a cart road was established to connect the former capital Belize City with the western communities of Belize. This cart road is now the paved Western Highway. The location of Unitedville is still the same, so on the south banks of the Belize River, the banks of small Barton Creek, and north of the George Price Highway. The village was in these days called small Barton Creek. With the independence of Belize, some communities were renamed. Small Barton Creek became so Unitedville. More recent houses are also build south of the George Price Highway. 
The retirement community Riverwalk Residential Estate is located next to Unitedville.