Transportation costs

The transportation costs to Belize will depend on the choices you make regarding the way of transportation and of course the departure location. The costs in this post are for a departure location in the Netherlands.

For transportation by air the cost depend on the weight, with a minimum of 45 kg. The rate starts at EUR 5,70 per kg and will decrease to EUR 3,39 per kg (more than 500 kg). This are only the costs for the transportation from the departure airport to the destination airport. Some related costs (like taxes and Belize customs charges) should be expected. 
For transport by boat you can choose to transport a whole container or not. If you choose to ship some boxes you have to pay for the m3. The first m3 is EUR 414,92 and the next m3's are EUR 271,62. This is for a maximum of 6 m3. This prices are also from the departure seaport to the destination seaport, so some related costs (like taxes) should be expected.

If you would like to transport a container you have the option of a 20 ft container (circa 33 m3, but can not be loaded fully, realistic 20 m3) or a 40 ft container. For a 20 ft container the price will be EUR 3531 and for a 40 ft container EUR 5521. Some extra charges should be expected in the range of EUR 750to EUR 1150. 
Also another possibility is to send a box by courier. The prices depend on the weight and start at EUR 92 for 0,5 kg and finish at EUR 400 for 50 kg. A box with a maximum weight of 10 kg will cost you EUR 163.