Transportation in Belize

There are a lot of ways of transportation in Belize with a difference in comfort, luxury and prices. Depending on your wishes it is possible to select one of more of the transportation options which Belize has to offer.

Transportation options in Belize include taxis, water taxi, airplane, driving your own car, driving a rental car, hitchhiking, travelling by public transportation and making use of a transfer service.

All options have pros and cons depending on your wishes with regard to comfort, luxury and the costs of the transportation. Taxis are as in most parts of the world relatively expensive in comparison to other options, but are also one of the more luxury and comfortable options.  
Travelling by public transport is a good and cheap option in Belize. The buses will stop at your desired location, but the buses are not really comfortable. Also the routes of the buses only cover the highways of Belize and some roads in cities, but will not always get you to the attraction you are looking for.