Tourism to Belize

Belize is a very small country with many travel attractions. Planning a vacation to Belize is the best way to explore the fabulous white sandy beaches, spectacular coral reefs, amazing Mayan ruins and lush rain forest trails. This small Central American nation is the most distinctive and captivating place to take a vacation and from the sightseeing viewpoint this little country has loads of top-notch amenities. There are a lot of renowned hotels and all-embracing holiday resorts in Belize to make your trip, a rather unforgettable experience.

Mayan Temple in BelizeThe incredible country of Belize is located on the Caribbean coast of Central America and between Guatemala and Mexico. With a very warm and sunny climate throughout the year, any time is suitable for a vacation in Belize depending on the adventure activities you would prefer to enjoy. Many couples across the globe prefer Belize vacations as it is among the well known unspoiled tourist destinations in the world. 
Belize Vacations are a great way to explore Belize’s beautiful white sandy beaches, coral reefs, Maya ruins and rain forest trails. It is hard to believe that this small country is home to so many tourist attractions. It is a romantic getaway for many honeymoon couples. Your Belize vacation should help you to transcend generations with its enchanting Mayan ruins across the beautiful country and feel a part of the outstanding culture. 

Belize is one of the best kept secrets of nature that always appeals travelers with a flair for adventure and who prefer to enjoy the charisma of amazing holiday destinations rich in culture and tradition. A thrilling Belize vacation allows you to experience more than 10 different cultures including Maya, Creole, Garifuna, Mennonites, Mestizo and East Indian. 
Being a renowned diving and snorkeling destination, there are many adventurous people planning their Belize vacation every year to enjoy the different types of hard corals, varieties of fish species, whale sharks, dolphins, sea turtles and eagle rays. Approximately 185 miles of the captivating Belize Barrier Reef System is the second largest reef system in the world. 
It is great to take a short trip to the offshore during your vacation in Belize, go for kite surfing, fishing, fly fishing or kayaking. There is a lot to enjoy and explore for the marine and island explores of Belize such as the Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Halfmoon Caye National Monument, South Water Caye Marine Park, Laughing Bird Caye Park, Chico Marine and Wildlife Reserve and the Sapodila Cayes Marine Park. 
You cannot complete your Belize vacation without enjoying cave exploration. You can enjoy the biggest cave system of Central America in Belize. Cave exploration is a thrilling tourist activity here and travelers are very much in awe for the excellent stalactite and stalagmites formations. It is a great feeling visiting the Mayan temples and experiences the rich Mayan culture and know their history and civilizations. In short, there is a lot to explore during your vacation in Belize.