Telephony in Belize

For telephony in Belize you have the possibility to connect to the local network or to use a mobile phone. Also other not so common options such as internet telephony and satellite telephony are available.

A connection to the local network in Belize will only be available in the neighborhood of the highways and in the major cities. At other location the needed network is probably not available and that will make it to expensive to connect. 
In that case it is also possible to use a mobile phone. A large part of the Belizean population only has a mobile phone and is not using a local number. A mobile phone is in Belize also handy during looking around and checking if people are at home. 
Less common options for telephony are internet telephony and satellite telephony. Satellite telephony is an expensive option, but regularly used in more remote areas. Internet telephony is making use of the internet and apart of the cost of the internet connectivity cheap. For expats this is a probably a preferable way to stay connected with the home front without having the high international calling charges.