Stann Creek District in Belize

The Stann Creek District is a major attraction for global tourists, owing to its pleasant climate and ambitious tourist destinations. It is a place that is steeped in history, is wealthy in its bounty of nature and has something for both family trips and casual tours. Let’s have a look at this exotic destination and see if it really is, like, paradise under the sun and by the sea.

The Origins of Stann Creek

The ancient days were a glorious time, and some civilizations left their unmistakable imprints on future generations. Belize Stann Creek District has sustained such impressions and it remains to be a place, where heritage has remained intact. The strongest influence on this sun baked district has been of the majestic Mayans, who flourished with their distinctive settlements. Some of these can still be found in Stann Creek District. Archaeological surveys and excavations have revealed many artifacts and remains from The Post Classic period, suggesting that Stann Creek had considerable influences from the Mayan civilization. Later, however, the European colonial powers took over the reins of Belize. Their rule witnessed an organized development of Stann Creek. Today, much of its efficient infrastructure of roads and railways owes to the European Puritans. 
With time, there was a greater variation in the population of Stann Creek District Belize. The population, today, comprises of Creoles and Garifunas, who had emerged from a small group of African slaves into a whole new community. These races occupied Stann Creek district in the heyday of colonialism.

Touring Stann Creek District

Belize’s Stann Creek boasts of some truly spectacular sights and sounds. The most famed of these is the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. This national reserve at Stann Creek district is devoted to protecting the rare jaguars. Apart from conserving the jaguar species, it is also protecting many other endangered wildlife species like pumas, howler monkeys and so on. This entire sanctuary at Stann Creek can be toured by walking through well built trails or bridges which cross forest streams. Other major attraction of Stann Creek is its Hummingbird Highway. The highway stretches across The Stann Creek District valley. 
If you are interested in exploring more of Stann Creek‘s history, you have to check out Dangriga. This rural settlement is the evidence of the arrival of the Garifuna settlements and it still seems like one of those dwellings of the ancient times. If you want more adventure from your trip of Belize’s Stann Creek, it is recommended that you dive into the shores of Belize.