South Water Caye in Belize

The island South Water Caye is part of a protected marine sanctuary and is one of the islands which is atop of the Belize Barrier Reef. The caye is located about 12 miles east from the coast of Belize, a 45 minutes boat ride departing in the south of Belize from the region of Hopkins and Sittee.

The South Water Caye is a prive island of 15 acres, less than half a mile long, with the coastline with the Belize Barrier Reef on the eastern boundaries and the emerald lagoon on the western shores. The Outside Magazine has awarded the caye in 2014 for having the best beaches in Belize and the Rough Guide has called the island one of the most beautiful and exclusive islands in Belize
Activities on the island are limited due to the location, but include beach combing, sunbathing, snorkeling, scuba diving at the reef and nearby atoll, birding, kayaking, fishing and paddling the shoreline. The beach at the southern end of the island is one of the most beautiful beaches of Belize, where sometimes turtles nest in the white sand.

South Water Caye is part of the South Water Caye Marine Reserve, the largest protected marine park within Belize and part of Belize's World Heritage site. This caye was added to a list of protected sites of universal value to humanity with great scientific value by the United Nations Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). At the center of the island is a well located, which has been used by fisherman to get fresh water. 
On the Caye are limited facilities, but there are two resorts, Blue Marlin Beach Resort and Pelican Beach Resort, and the International Zoological Expeditions Belize based.