Sibun Forest Reserve

Belize travel will be virtually incomplete without a visit to the Sibun Forest Reserve Belize. This is one of the most heavily visited reserves in Belize since it offers visitors respite from the hot lowlands.

The Sibun Forest Reserve in Belize is a picturesque landmass that is characterized by rolling pine forest and undulating hill sides. The thick natural vegetation enables visitors to go on jungle hiking trails amidst the rich natural settings. The reserve has been carefully managed over the years because of its fragile ecosystem. 
Not surprisingly, the wildlife in the Belize Sibun Forest Reserve is quite different from the lowlands. Visitors can carry a pair of binoculars with them so that they can have a close view of rare species of wildlife including birds and animals. If they are lucky, they can have a glimpse of birds such as Acorn Woodpeckers, the Rufous-capped Warbler, Pine Siskin, Crossbill, Eastern Bluebird and the Stigeon Owl, whistling ducks, snail kites, tiger herons, black-collared hawks, and ospreys in this wonderful place.

Tourists can visit the Sibun Forest Reserve in Belize during February to May if they wish to see the migrating birds there. Visitors can also get an opportunity to see birds such as the Chipping Sparrow and the Hepatic Tanager in the Belize Sibun Forest Reserve if they travel there during autumn and spring. Ornithologists can experience sheer delight in Belize as they can see orange breasted falcons and other rare species of birds in this natural paradise. 
Travelers going to Belize can see the Sibun Forest Reserve as part of their Belize travel package. By planning their Belize vacation in advance, they can include these places as part of their itinerary and have an unforgettable experience in Belize packed with adventure and fun.