Seine Bight, one of the five remaining Garifuna villages

One of the five remaining villages with a large population of the Garifuna people and culture is Seine Bight, which is located in the middle of the Placencia Peninsula. It is located 2.5 miles south of the Maya Beach. The Peninsula is a 0.25 mile wide at the highest, just north of Seine Bight.

Seine Bight is located about 68 miles south of Belize City, about 30 miles south of Dangriga, 3 miles from Placencia and 19 miles off the Southern Highway. When driving to Placencia at the Placencia Peninsula Seine Bight is the first village. 
The Garifuna population consists of more than 800 people (of the approximately 1,000 inhabitants), who are proud of their culture. The villagers continue to practice traditional drumming, singing and dancing. The village is a frequent champion in the annual John Canoe Dancers Festival. Seine Bight is offering two discos/ nightclubs: Sam’s disco with punta and reggae or Wamasa with live entertainment on weekends. 

Beside of this Seine Bight is a fishing village, where the dug out canoe is still the way to the sea. Most of the men are still fishing, but also tourism is starting to be an important part of the income. The village has two restaurants which are serving Garifuna and Creole food, but also an Italian style restaurant, a Mediterranean-Caribbean style restaurant, an American style restaurant and a pizza and ice cream restaurant. One of the hotels in Seine Bight is the Nautical Inn Resort
Most Garifuna people are Roman Catholics and so Seine Bight has a Catholic Church, but also two temples of the Dugu religion. This is the native religion of the Garifuna. Visitors are welcome at the church and at the temples. At the temples women should cover their hair with scarves. 
The Mayas used the lagoon water for trade and salt production. They were followed by the Protestant Puritans and after them in the 19th century the Garifuna. 
Seine Bight offers a flat sandy coastal village, 10 feet above sea level, of four miles along the Placencia Peninsula including beaches and secluded swimming spots with coconut trees.