Sarstooth National Park

Belize Sarstooth National Park is best for the uniqueness and a wide range of animals like the warries, ocelots, tapirs and jaguars. Apart from these, there are other animals that are really considered as the rarest species in the world and can only be found in these areas. There are various birds that are also uncommon in nature like the scarlet macaw. With these animals and their uniqueness, the place has obtained its popularity.

White faced capuchin monkey is yet another form of animal that has been seen in this national park. Therefore, those who want to view something new and rare can visit this national park with the permission granted by the Forest department. For the passionate wildlife photographers and explorers, a visit to this park can be an experience that will be cherished forever.

Comfrey palm forests of Belize are surrounding the place and give an extra edge to this national park. Sarstooth National Park Belize has its own importance that cannot be compared with any other national park. There are various national parks and reserves in Belize and each one of them can be distinguished by their own unique features. Similar is the case for this park and to get the best view of the national park one can hire the guides for a guided tour who will explain all the important aspects and will help a traveler to be familiar with the different species of the forest. A large number of sea-birds are available in the place and they are supported mainly by the minnows and shrimp. 
White mangroves adorn the coastline of the place. Sarstooth National Park in Belize is extremely beautiful and thus is considered as one of the best tourist destinations. There is complete information about this place and accommodation amenities, which is easily available. Its latitude is 15° 56' 23" N and longitude is 88° 59' 27" W.