Sanctuary Caye in Belize

The Sanctuary Caye is a five-acre private island off the shores of Sanctuary Belize. The coral reefs of the island provide a home to tropical fish, sea turtles and eagle rays. The island is exclusively reserved for residents and guests of Sanctuary Belize.

Sanctuary Caye exists of a beach with palm trees including hammocks and comfortable chairs. The island is surrounded with mangrove trees to protect the caye from high tides and storm surges. The island has a side with a nice beach, clear seawater with a nice Caribbean color, but the other side is the reef side. On this side it will not be easy to get into the sea. 
From Sanctuary Caye to the Barrier Reef is another two miles. In between the caye and the Barrier Reef the Caribbean Sea is dotted with tiny cayes. 
At the Sanctuary Caye a saltwater pool, a bar, a grill and massages over the seawater are available. It is also possible to stay at the island for a night or more in one of the six island cabanas. Two carekeepers with two dogs are living on the island and are taking care of the island.