Sanctuary Belize in Sittee, Belize

Located in one of the most beautiful tourist spot in Belize, Sanctuary Belize is located along the coastal waters of white sand beach and has beautiful polynesian style homes that truly offers an exotic life in Belize. Sanctuary Belize is a 14,000 acres eco-development with five diverse eco-systems. Only 4,000 acres of the 14,000 acres have been designated for development, the other acres will be preserved as a private wildlife reserve for the owners of the retirement community and their guests.

Location: Sittee, Stann Creek District, Belize, Central America 
The eco-systems of Sanctuary Belize include: 
  • Riverine: The Sittee river has 9 miles of shore inside Sanctuary Belize. The Sittee river is a mix of fresh and salt water, which is the habitat of manatees, rays, barracudas, turtles, egrets and crocodiles.
  • Tropical Savannah: 2,000 acres of Sanctuary Belize consist of sub-tropical savannah, which is a home for a diverse array of rare plant species as wispy grasses, scattered shrubs and thick-barked solitary trees. The savannah also serves as a home for a variety of animals, tropical birds and amphibians.
  • Jungle: 10,000 acres of Sanctuary Belize consist of tropical broadleaf jungle with cohune palms, cedar, ceiba, mahogany trees, ferns, vines and orchids. In combination with rivers and waterfalls the jungle is the home of wild animals such as jaguars, tapirs, ocelots and howler monkies.
  • Coastal ecosystems: These ecosystems as ocean lagoons, mangrove marshlands, bays and tidal wetlands are nurseries for tropical fish and amphibians, but also offer protection against tidal erosion of Sanctuary Belize.
  • Coral reef: Off the shores of Sanctuary Belize is a five-acre private island, the Sanctuary Caye. The coral reefs of the island provide a home to tropical fish, sea turtles and eagle rays. The island is exclusively reserved for residents of the retirement community and guests and include a saltwater pool, a bar, a grill and even six island cabanas as amenities. 

Sanctuary Belize is promoting the principals of "green living" without compromising the natural settings surrounding their development. So every measures should be taken to minimize the environmental impact of the building of the homes and living in this retirement community. 
To the west of Sanctuary Belize you will find the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Reserve and the Sapodilla Lagoon is situated to the south. The Sittee river is situated to the west and the north. Finally the Caribbean Sea is situated to the east. Part of the security of the Sanctuary Belize is based on the difficulty of crossing these natural barriers. Sanctuary Belize also uses Sanctuary Security Rangers for the protection of the retirement community including the wildlife reserve. These rangers are predominately Mayan natives who where earlier hunting on the development.  
Due to the size of 14,000 acres this is the largest development at this moment in Belize. The development consists of residential and marina development. A lot of the offered lots are situated next to water, as beach, lagoon or river. This gives a lot owner the possibility for the development of a private marina. Also part of Sanctuary Belize are and will be an on-site spa, a fitness academy, a residential beach club, an equestrian center, an organic fruit and vegetable garden. Activities which are possible at this retirement community are hiking, mountain biking and all sort of water activities, including scuba diving, kayaking, cruising on a catamaran, river rafting and fishing.  
If you want more information please visit the webpage about the retirement community Sanctuary Belize.