Roads in Belize

Belize has in total six roads that are called a highway. Next to that Belize has a lot of different roads, paved, gravel and unpaved.

The six highways of Belize are actually the bigger roads connecting the main places in Belize. Four of these highways are paved and in relatively good condition. The other two highways are unpaved.

Although the highways are called highways, don't expect highways as in the USA or Europe. The highways are actually roads with two lanes (one lane for every direction) with regular speed bumps and potholes. 
The speed bumps most of the time in villages at the begin and at the end or next to schools. You have to pay attention for the speed bumps while they are not always marked and in some cases easy to oversee.  
Locations which are not directly located at the highways are most of the time accessible by smaller roads, which could be paved, but it is also possible that the road is from gravel or not paved at all. Some parts of the year, depending on the weather, you do need a four wheel drive for the unpaved roads.