Road Conditions in Belize

Roads in Belize are of a lower quality than you will be used to in the States or in Europe. While they certainly are improving all the time, and paved roads and quality gravel roads are becoming more common, there are still sections of unpaved dirt tracks that will really test your car’s suspension and tire grip.

Some of the new roads, including the Southern Highway and the Hummingbird Highway, are of a very high quality. You do not need a 4×4 to drive on these highways, even during virtually all of the rainy season. Just a few years ago, the Hummingbird Highway was unpaved and full of potholes, you really needed a four wheel drive to drive it. The Southern Highway was full of mud, and anything other than a decent 4×4 would get stuck on this Highway.

Road signs in Belize are less frequent than you would expect as a foreign visitor. But, the situation is improving slowly, and it is claimed road signs in Belize are now of superior quality than most of Central America. Most of the junctions have signs, and many roads have mile markers. 
Around the major cities, road signs help visitors locate important sites, such as the airport
Keep in mind that Belize has not a lot of streetlight, so driving in the evening and the night can be a challenge.