Rainfall in Belize

Rainfall in Belize

September and October are generally the wettest months in Belize, with on average 244 millimeters (9,61 inches) and 245 millimeters (9,66 inches) of rain. The rainy season in Belize (or green season, as it is sometimes called) is from May until November, inclusive. The rainfall statistics below, however, seem to suggest that the wettest part of this rainy season is between June and October. May (with 105 millimeters (4,15 inches) of rain has less than half the rainfall of June, with 224 millimeters (8,82 inches).

The dryest month if March, followed by February and then March. 
Below are some weather in Belize rainfall statistics, first in millimeters and below that in inches. 

Rainfall in Belize in millimeters

Rainfall in Belize in millimeters for each month 

Rainfall in Inches

Rainfall in Belize in inches for each month