Progresso Shores in Progresso, Corozal, Belize

Progresso Shores is, as the name indicates, located at the shores of the Progresso Lagoon in the Corozal District of Belize, two miles south of the village of Progresso. This retirement community consists of home sites of 1 to 3 acres next to the lagoon or the lake.

Location: Progresso, Corozal District, Belize, Central America

The expat community consists of home sites of 1 to 3 acres. Some of the home sites are lakefront, with prices of BZD 80,000 (USD 40,000), or lagoonfront at the Progresso Lagoon, with prices of BZD 218,000 (USD 109,000). The property taxes for this home sites are about BZD 200 (USD 100) per year. All home sites are cleared and ready to build with power delivered to the site. The clearing of the property is done with nature in mind and the entire property is grass seeded. The property has also gated entrances, a 4 feet sea wall, boat docks and a boat launch. 
The builder/ developer of Progresso Shores has spent 25 years as a contractor in Florida, Texas and Tennessee, designing and building more than 2,000 homes. Through this experience he is known with the way of building in warmer climates. The developers give you the option to enjoy the community by spending a night in a guest house. Ofcourse a tour of the properties and surrounding areas is included. 
If you want more information please visit the webpage about the retirement community Progresso Shores.