Progresso Lagoon, also known as Cocos Lagoon

The Progresso Lagoon, also known as the Cocos Lagoon, is situated in the Corozal District of Belize. The Lagoon is located 12 kilometers inland from the Caribbean Sea. This lagoon has a total length of 24 kilometers.

Next to the Progresso Lagoon the following communities could be found: the villages Little Belize and Progresso, and the expat communities Progresso Heights and Progresso Shores. The Progresso Lagoon has a small connection with the Laguna Seca at the Corozal Bay. 
During the Mayan dominance in this region the Progresso Lagoon served as an important route for merchants and as a military look out and post. This Mayan hub is locally referred to as Caye Coco and the Mayan name was probably Chanlacan, the capital of Chetumal. Recent research at this site have uncovered buried residential platforms, cemeteries and courtyards. Now the Progresso Lagoon is a relaxed spot where it is possible to enjoy the lagoon water of the long and wide lagoon and the ecological diversity.