Official Belize Permanent Resident

Official Belize Permanent Resident could be granted to foreigners after having stayed in Belize for at least one year.

The first stage of this process is to stay in Belize during one year in which every month the Belize Tourist Card should be renewed. The first six months the costs are BZD 50 (USD 25) for this and after the first six months the costs double to BZD 100 (USD 50). 
You must live in Belize continuously for one year before you may apply for an official Belize Permanent Resident status. During this period, you may not leave Belize for more than fourteen consecutive days. 
The fee due for your Official Belize Permanent Resident status vary according to your nationality. Currently, the cost varies between BZD 500 (USD 250) and BZD 10,000 (USD 5,000). 
During the approval process, you have to come back to the Immigration Officer every month for a renewal of the Belize Tourist Card.