Moving to Belize

Are you considering moving to Belize? As with any international move, each country has its own unique characteristics and processes that you need to take notice of. We have collected a number of articles we have written on this website that will help you when moving to Belize. We will add more articles regularly, so check back often. Also, please send us information you have that you would like to share with others considering moving to Belize, so that we may add it to this website.

Preparation before moving to Belize

Before you move to Belize, you will need to do some homework. 
  • Visiting Belize, to ensure you will like the country and that it meets with your expectations. Living in Belize is not for everyone, and the decision should not be taken lightly.
  • Live in Belize for one year. When applying for an Official Belize Permanent Resident, you will be required to live within Belize for on year as part of the application process. While this is not a requirement when applying for the Qualified Retired Persons (QRP) Program, we fully advise it in either case.
  • Don’t buy a home immediately. We strongly advise you to rent for at least one year before buying real estate in Belize. When first visiting Belize -especially as a tourist- you are unlikely to fully appreciate the acceptable price of real estate, determine which areas are good and which are poor, understand which locations have friendly neighbors, etc. 
    Consider buying real estate from a real estate agent, or have a look at some of the Belize Retirement Communities that are available.

When moving to Belize

When you have decided to move to Belize is the time when the work really starts. That’s not to say it won’t be a lot of fun also, but please bear in mind that there is a lot that you will have to arrange. 

After moving to Belize

After you have moved to Belize, you will want to enjoy the Belizean hospitality. Enjoy the wonderful weather, the white sandy beaches, the rain forest, the mountains, beautiful wildlife, etc, etc. The Belize Tourist Board (BTB) will be able to provide you with lots of suggestions, tips and tricks when exploring this beautiful country. 
Just remember, before you leave, have a little moving to Belize speech. We’ve collected some retirement wishes you could make your friends and colleagues look at.