Mother Nature's Best Kept Secret

Mayan Temple Altun Ha Belize

In 2001, the Belize Tourist Board created the video series “Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret“. It is available on Youtube in three parts. A new version of the video with exact the same name has been published in 2007 in six parts.

Mother Nature's Best Kept Secret (2007)

Part 1 with an introduction to the coral reefs, rainforest, ancient Mayan civilization and diverse culture of Belize
Part 2 about the underwater world of Belize, the coral reefs, coconut studded white sand islands and more: 

Part 3 explores the world of the ancient Mayans, their great cities of stone and beautiful artifacts: 
Part 4 about the rainforest as the heart of Belize. The dense jungle is home to countless plant and animals species. 
Part 5 about the Belizean culture. Belizeans hail from many different countries and cultures. 
Part 6 is the end for the tour of Belize, though we have hardly begun. Belize is truely one of the most special places on earth. 

Mother Nature's Best Kept Secret (2001)

Part 1 of 3: 
Part 2 of 3: 
Part 3 of 3: