Lubaantun, the place of fallen stones

The “place of fallen stones” or otherwise known as Lubaantun is a great place to visit if you are interested in seeing the ruins of a Mayan city and getting to know more about the Maya civilization.

Lubaantun, a city of the Maya civilization

Lubaantun happens to be a pre-Columbian ruined city of Maya civilization in Central America. The city is famous for the archeological sites; you would definitely have a great chance to see the past of the city through the beautiful ruins. The ruins of the city depict the Maya civilization, through a visit to this beautiful city you can get to understand the Maya civilization in a better manner. The Architecture of Lubaantun also happens to be different when compared to other Maya sites; the structures are usually built with large stone blocks with no motor. Other than this there are also several structures that have unique “in–and–out masonry”, you will also find that most of the structures are terraced and the corners rounded. These characteristics make the architecture different from the traditional form of architecture by the Maya civilization.

Enjoying the ruins of Lubaantun

Lubaantun consists of eleven major structures that are grouped around the five main plazas. Lubaantun is also considered to be the largest ceremonial centre in the area. A visit to the great landmark will definitely be a memorable and also a great learning experience. 
Lubaantun is a great place for the archeologists to visit, some of the treasures that were found in this place include: 
  • The obsidian blades
  • Unique clay whistle figurines
  • The famous and mysterious crystal skull
  • Shreds of pottery
  • Shells
  • Beads
  • Turquoise
  • Grinding stones
These findings helped the researchers to conclude that the city flourished till the 8th century AD. They also discovered the means of activities of these people which were mainly through farming, trading and the sea. 

Getting to Lubaantun in Belize

The ruins of the Lubaantun are the most prominent places for you to visit during your stay in Punta Gorda Town or the Toledo District of Belize. There is no public transport available that takes you directly to the ruins. So to visit the ruins you would have to make your own arrangements from Punta Gorda Town.