Legal Issues in Belize

What are the sort of legal issues someone can encounter in Belize? And how is the legal system organized. Hopefully something you only need for making your live easier and not because you are having a problem.

The Belizean legal system is based on the British system. This makes it for example possible for foreigners to own their own piece of land. 
It is good to have some knowledge of a legal system of a country, especially if you are living there or are considering living there. We have written some articles about some legal issues and new articles will follow: 

  • Inheritance in Belize: the inheritance laws of Belize are applicable for everyone who owns property in Belize. So if a owner of a Belizean property dies, the inheritance laws of Belize are applicable and the competent jurisdiction for administration of the estate is Belize. It doesn't matter according to Belize laws if the owner is Belizean or a foreign national or if the owner is living in Belize or not.
  • A Will in Belize: it is always good to check the consequences of dying after a move to another country. First of all it is not necessary to die at all, but as it is a part of life, it is good to see what happens after your death with your properties. For Belize this means you probably would like to make a will to do the estate planning.
If you have questions about a specific legal issue, please let us know!