Lamanai in Belize

Lamanai Belize Jaguar Temple

The pristine tropical jungles and savanna vegetation marks the ‘submerged crocodile’, as Lamanai of Belize is also known as. Lamanai is the second biggest pre-Classic structures of the Mayan civilization and mainly consists of three temples.

Lamanai, the second biggest pre-Classic structures of the Mayan civilization

Positioned on the top of the western side of the Lagoon of the New River, Lamanai is definitely the most interesting archaeological spot of Belize. Featuring the ancient and second biggest pre-Classic structures of the Mayan civilization, the place was built in layers, much unlike the other sites. 
The main three temples that have been excavated and renovated are the Jaguar Temple, the Mask Temple and the High Temple. The Jaguar Temple is named so for the boxy jaguar architecture. The Mask Temple has a breathtaking 13 foot mask of stone representing a Mayan king of the bygone era and the High Temple offers some of the most panoramic views of the land beneath from the top.

Enjoying Lamanai

The ruinous remains of two Catholic Missions dating back to the 16th century have a rebellious story under its belt. Marked as a symbol of regional uprising, it is also commonly interpreted as renounce of Christianity. Belize Lamanai has a profusion of wild life and large varieties of monkeys. There are marsh land here and there and supporting a prolific variety of avian species and wildlife along with crocodiles. There is also on-site museum that houses a huge collection of remarkable artifacts depicting the ancient Mayan animals and Gods. You can also pack your lunch and have a wonderful day out. 

Getting to Lamanai in Belize

The journey to Belize Lamanai is a visual treat with the 26 miles of boat ride on the New River from Orange Walk Town. You will love the unusual sights and sounds and colors of nature that will help you strike an inner harmony. The rare and colorful orchids, the huge trees and inexhaustible range of wildlife will provide an experience of its own as you move your boat up the river. You will get to see the turtles and camouflaged bats.