Kidnapping in Belize

Kidnapping is one of the major threats which almost every country is facing and the percentage of its happening differs from country to country. These occurrences are directly proportional to the amount of corruption in the hierarchy. Even the most developed countries are prone to it and kidnapping at Belize is no different to others.

The best way to avoid being kidnapped is to be far away from areas prone to kidnap. In third world countries like Belize kidnapping foreign nationals is like bottleneck situation as this would put the administration in a very tight position. 

Prominent incidences of Kidnapping Belize

Presently, kidnapping at Belize has touched new heights wherein kidnappers are trying to psychologically intimidate their victims. The most famous Belize Kidnapping is the kidnap of Derek Aikman who was a very prominent figure in the then ruling government. 
The modus operandi of these kidnappers changed after the kidnap of a German national and the whole country felt as if it was the kidnapping of Belize. This was one of the most important incidences which brought the plight of the victims to the world arena and was famously known as the Belize Kidnapping. 

Authorities on toe!

Although police authorities from time to time have asked innocent people, tourists and other high society people to stay away from areas marked in red as they are more susceptible to getting kidnapped Kidnapping at Belize has taken to new heights with the addition of high tech gadgets like satellite phones, GPS and other equipment for completing a perfect kidnap. 
The government is forced to act upon so that no extremist are involved in kidnapping Belize as this would bring disrepute to the nation. Now Belize as a third world country is prone to incidents like these as there is lot of poverty and corruption involved in almost every sector. 

Repercussions of kidnapping

In a way kidnapping Belize means bring the whole country into the world limelight and thereby reducing the inflow of tourists, inviting sanctions from big countries and otherwise taking the country towards self destruction. 
In certain countries, people use the term Belize kidnapping to indicate the intensity of the kidnapping. Belize has earned itself such a notorious name because of all the frequent kidnapping at Belize. There are people who swear upon never ever returning back to Belize after their kidnapping experience.