Enjoy kayaking in Belize

For those seeking clear blue waters for kayaking, Belize is the ultimate adventure – an exotic destination providing unspoilt coral reefs that are amongst the largest in the Western Hemisphere. The reefs are dotted with tiny islands and pristine beaches waiting to be explored.

Belize is a great place to go if you enjoy kayaking, snorkeling and diving. If you are an experienced sailor, you can set out on your own tour. Inexperienced kayakers can take guided tours and go kayaking in Belize with a guide familiar with the unchartered waters and the unexplored terrain. 
When you go Belize kayaking, keep proper information about the weather in Belize so that you do not lose your way in the sea during a storm or in bad weather. Take rain -proof clothing like a windcheater that will come in handy during paddling and take a first aid kit equipped with medicines for insect bites and minor nicks and cuts. Keep drinking water handy and some dry snacks along with a torchlight when you go on a Belize kayaking expedition.

The guided kayaking Belize tours are conducted in single or two-person kayaks. You are told how to sail your kayak, use navigation tools and to paddle to take advantage of the north-easterly trade winds. The kayaking trips are mainly along the Southern Barrier Reef, Glover’s Reef and Lighthouse Reef. 
The sea kayaks are easily available on hire at a nominal cost per day along with a refundable deposit of $500 to $750 for a single seater or a double seater kayak, near Dangriga, which is about 10 miles from the barrier reef. The kayak rental includes the kayak, paddle, spray-skirt, bailer and PFD. The rental agency will also give a motor charter ride out to the reef and a pick up from a pre-determined spot at the end of the trip. 
You can even rent a kayak for a week long kayaking Belize expedition. You will be given 2 water bags per person, to and from motor charter, white gas, and accommodation in a guest house for the night. For more than two people, you can get a quote from the kayaking rental agency that includes the cost of the motor boat for transporting the kayakers, the kayaks, paddles and other gear required for the expedition. So plan well, book in advance and you can have a great time kayaking in Belize.