Belize Jungle Hiking

Belize is a beautiful, unspoilt part of Central America where you can actually go jungle hiking through deep, dense rain forests and view the exotic flora and fauna among Mayan ruins that date back to thousands of years. Hiking in Belize is good fun and quite inexpensive as compared to other parts of the world. People there easily understand English and US dollars are readily accepted in all monetary transactions. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you jungle hiking in Belize.

Most hiking in Belize is usually a combination of hiking and other activities like a nature walk, bird watching or a visit to ancient Mayan ruins deep in the jungles. The forests are remarkably well-preserved with a huge variety of flora and fauna. It is best to take a guided tour where the guide can take you through safe, well-trodden trails and can point out local herbs that have medicinal value in traditional forms of medicine. 
When you take a Belize jungle hiking expedition, wear long sleeved clothes that cover the entire length of your arms and legs, good hiking boots and a cap for protection from the sun. Take along ample drinking water, torchlight and insect repellent and basic medicines for small cuts and bruises, besides your camera.

Some of the popular hiking trails run through Camino del Rio. The tour is about 2 miles, costs $19 per person and lasts for about two hours. You walk through lush green fields and forests and can spot many varieties of exotic birds and butterflies along with rare plants and animals, now visible only in zoos. This jungle hiking also includes a visit to a self-sustaining community that uses organic farming and actively encourages forest conservation among its residents. 
Other popular spots for hiking in Belize include the area around the Caves branch river, the Cockscomb jaguar preserve, the Actun Tunichil Muknal or Che Chem Ha ceremonial caves and the area between the Clarissa falls and Bullet tree falls in the Cayo district. Hiking in Belize around the Cayo area is a veritable bird watcher’s paradise, teeming with several species of exotic birds. When you go jungle hiking in Belize, take a hike through the remote jungles to visit the Mayan ruins at Caracol amidst the Maya mountains. With so much to look forward to, plan a jungle hiking tour to Belize and you will keep coming back for more of this beautiful country.