IZE Belize at South Water Caye, Belize

IZE Belize is welcoming students, vacationers or adventurers. Vacationers and adventurers are more than welcome to sit in one of the ongoing classrooms or browse in the research library to enrich their knowledge of the Belize Barrier Reef.

IZE Belize, or the International Zoological Expeditions Belize, is based on two locations, of which one is the South Water Caye. The South Water Caye is part of the South Water Caye Marine Reserve
They are based on the island together with two resorts, the Blue Marlin Beach Resort and the Pelican Beach Resort. IZE Belize has a marine biology field station, dormitories and private cabanas available on their piece of the island.

The octagon-shaped marine biology field station is used by high schools, colleges and universities to give students the possibility to conduct research on the reefs. The field station consists of a classroom with a research library, video projectors, white boards and scientific research equipment. IZE Belize also has also the availability of a marine lab, which consists of recirculating salt water tanks, wet tables and microscopes.  
The northern wing of the marine biology field station is a student dormitory. There is also a second dormitory on the northern side of the propery of IZE Belize. The dormitories with bunk beds, showers and access to bathroom facilities are primarly used by schools and specialty groups. 
The southern wing of the field station offers a dining room with view of the Caribbean waters and the Maya mountains on the mainland. The cuisine is a combination of local cuisine and gourmet specialties. The field station also has two open air verandahs and a bar. 
The private cabanas are nestled in the mangroves on the eastern shoreline of the South Water Caye and include a deck with a hammock. The cabanas have private bathrooms with hot water showers. Prices for an all inclusive stay start at BZD 1100 (USD 550) for three nights. The reviews for a stay at IZE Belize on the South Water Caye are mostly excellent. 
The sports center of IZE has kayaks, paddle boards, snorkel equipment and beach volleyball equipment, which could be used by guests to explore the Barrier Reef. Tours include a guided tour around the Smithsonian research station at Carrie Bow Caye including snorkeling around the islands reef to see wrasses, octopus and angelfish or snorkeling at locations as the Third Cut of the Reef, the Twin Caye and the Tobacco Cut. 
Lonely Planet has selected IZE Belize on South Water Caye as one of their recommended accommodation at this island. 
The contact details of International Zoological Expeditions Belize are:  
E-mail: ize2belize@aol.com