Inheritance in Belize

The inheritance laws of Belize are applicable for everyone who owns property in Belize. So if a owner of a Belizean property dies, the inheritance laws of Belize are applicable and the competent jurisdiction for administration of the estate is Belize. It doesn't matter according to Belize laws if the owner is Belizean or a foreign national or if the owner is living in Belize or not.

For people living in Belize, the inheritance laws of Belize can also be applicable. In the Belizean inheritance laws there are no defined reserved portions for beneficiaries, but for any dependents adequate provisions should be made. If no adequate provisions are made for dependents, it is possible for this person to apply to the Supreme Court of Belize for relief. This doesn't mean a complete invalidation of the will, but just the reservation of a portion of the estate for the dependent.

The inheritance laws in Belize describe that without a will the table of distribution of the Administration of Estates Act applies. This means that the surviving spouse and children have the first rights, after that the parents and after that the sisters and brothers. Whole blood is ranking before half blood. If the deceased has made a valid will according to Belizean legislation, the will applies. 
Minor children of a deceased could be a beneficiary. In case of minors a guardian should be appointed. It is possible to appoint a guardian in a will, but if this isn't done the Administration of Estates Act applies.