Hurricane Richard

Hurricane Richard made landfall in Belize as a Category 1 Hurricane with wind speeds of 145 km/h (90mph) and gusts of up to 177 km/h (110mph).

According to Wikipedia
The Government of Belize began warning of the threat of Richard on October 22, starting with a tropical storm watch issued for the entire east coast of the country. As Tropical Storm Richard was rapidly intensifying, the tropical storm watch on the coast of Belize was replaced with a tropical storm warning, which had been upgraded at 15:00 UTC October 23. Only three hours after the replacement of the tropical storm watch to warning, Richard was nearing hurricane status, and the tropical storm warning in place on the east coast of Belize upgraded to a hurricane warning. The hurricane warning associated with Hurricane Richard remained in place for the east coast of Belize as landfall was occurring, since the storm made landfall to the south-southeast of Belize City as a lower-end category 2 hurricane. 
Throughout Belize, Hurricane Richard damaged thousands of homes and leaving many without power. The Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center, a major attraction for ecotourists and Belizeans, was in the path and heavily damaged forcing it to close six weeks to remove debris and repair their animal exhibits. According to the Prime Minister of Belize, damage was likely to run into the millions of dollars. Overall damage was BZD 33.8 million (USD 16.9 million USD), most of which from crop damage. The entire grapefruit harvest was lost, and several large trees were downed. In addition, about 200 homes were destroyed.

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From around Belize, people videotaped the event and the result. 
Movie 1 – Belize: 
Movie 2 – Caye Caulker
Movie 3 – Belize City: