Healthcare in Belize

In Belize there is a dearth of medical facilities. In case of severe illnesses or injuries the need for evacuation to a hospital in Belize or an international hospital is probably necessary.

The Belizean medical facilities are most of the time small facilities with a the general practitioner. In case more specialized medical attention is needed Belize has several local hospitals in the bigger places. Belizeans also get to Mexico or Guatemala for some medical treatments. For simple medical treatment a general practitioner is affordable (compared to US and European standards).

International people in Belize most of the time use for specialized medical attention one of the international hospitals, a hospital in Mexico or Guatemala or even a flight back home. Especially for very specialized medical treatment this is recommended for international people, but the costs for a flight back home, especially a medical emergency flight, could be really expensive. 
Before you visit Belize it is recommended and in some cases even necessary to get the needed vaccinations. If it is not possible to prevent a disease by vaccination (and for some diseases this is not possible) it is recommended to take the necessary prevention measures. If you get ill after returning home from a great vacation in Belize, please also notify the practitioner that you have been to Belize on vacation.