Flying Pets to Belize

Belize is basically an English speaking Latin country located in Central America. This means having a peaceful environment with the presence of rain forests, exotic birds, reefs and beautiful sun drenched beaches! It is very good possible to take your pets with you to Belize or to have Pets in Belize.

Pet Friendly Accommodation

There are certain hotels which have the facility of hosting the guests as well as their pets and that too at a very nominal price. Some hotels like the Villas at Banyan Bay, Pleasure Island resort are very renowned for the facilities they provide both for the guests as well as their pets in Belize

Belize Animals and their pets

The people of Belize have pets of their own too and the Belize animals are said to be very healthy and one reason is that they grow in a very natural environment and are supplemented with vitamins and proper exercise. Belize is famous for the hot and humid climate and hence it is found that Belize pets are comparatively healthier when compared to their counterparts. The Pets of Belize are said to be of far more superior quality and breed as compared to the other pets around the world.

Flying pets to Belize

It is a wrong notion that pets are not allowed in Belize from outside world where as pets like dogs and cats can be brought into Belize without quarantine. Out of all the pets of Belize, only pets like dogs are very familiar here. Belize pets are mainly comprised of dogs and horses but on the other hand there are people who have exotic pets as well. 

Rules and Procedure For Taking Pets To Belize

Belize Pets are said to be of a pure breed and hence a lot of effort is being taken by the government so that they don’t get crossed and the purity of the breed is lost. Hence tourists are allowed to carry pets in Belize with an entry fee of US$ 12.50. Generally it is seen that the pets of Belize are more conservative type as they are generally not allowed in to the household and are kept outside in kennels. 
Hence it is suggested to the tourists that the localities believe that Belize pets are superior to other breeds and don’t like their pets mingling.