Electricity Prices in Belize

Electricity is provided by Belize Electricity Limited (BEL). The rate per kWh depends on your usage. If your usage is extremely low (less than 50 kWh per month), you will qualify for the Social Rate. More likely, you will be charged according to the Residential Rate.

Social Rate

  • Applicable to users whose monthly consumption is less than 50 kWh.
  • Flat Rate (Minimum Charge): BZD 4.00 (USD 2.00) per month.
  • Minimum monthly charge is a flat rate fee which is only applied where a customer’s bill is less than this amount.
  • 0 – 50 kWh: BZD 0.26 (USD 0.13) per kWh.

Residential Rate

  • Minimum Charge: BZD 5.00 (USD 2.50) per month
  • Service Charge: BZD 0.00 (USD 0.00) per month
  • First 50 kWh: BZD 0.35 (USD 0.175) per kWh
  • 51 – 200 kWh: BZD 0.44 (USD 0.22) per kWh
  • Above 200 kWh: BZD 0.47 (USD 0.235) per kWh

Electricity prices in Belize expensive compared to the region

Electricity in Belize is much more expensive than elsewhere in the region. This could be because Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) is a formerly government owned monopolist that has been granted an exclusive licence to generate, transmit and supply electricity. This situation seldom leads to high quality service for a low price. BEL proudly claims that it purchases a total of 46% of electricity from Mexico. Belize Electric Company Limited (BECOL) provides 38% and Hydro Maya provides 2% of the electricity sold by BEL. Belize Aquaculture Limited sells 10% of the total electricity, which leaves BEL’s local diesel generating facilities to produce the remaining 4%. 
It is claimed that Belize‘s high energy cost are a constraint to the Belize economy.