Electricity in Belize

For electricity in Belize you have actually in general two choices. You can choose to connect to the electricity grid of Belize Electricity Limited or you can choose for an offline solar system.

At lot of the houses, mostly in the neighborhood of the highways or in the cities of Belize, are connected to the grid of Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) and are so using the electricity that is provided by BEL against the relatively expensive electricity prices
Some home owners, especially in more remote areas, where the connection to the grid of BEL is expensive, are using an offline solar system to provide their own electricity. Most of the time this system is back-up by a generator or also using other types of renewable energy like wind or water.  
When you are taking electrical devices to Belize from another country it is advisable to check the voltage and frequency while Belize is using 110V, 60 Hz. Some countries, such as European countries, are using another voltage and frequency. Not all electrical devices will work on another voltage and frequency, so you have to check before taking them.