Ecotourism Belize

The world’s second largest barrier reef in Belize attracts several tourists to this place all year round. The most popular underwater attractions in Belize are affected by careless and excessive human contact. Marine ecosystems are extremely fragile and ecotourism program should educate tourists about the dangers that can stem from tampering with the natural eco systems. How to take care of the environment in Belize so you, but also your children are able to enjoy Belize and the nature of Belize.

When you snorkel or dive, you must take care not to touch the coral. Even while going on boat rides, the anchors must be well away from the reef. Waste products must not be dumped into the sea from boats as this can also endanger the fragile ecosystem in Belize and other areas.

Wild life habitat protection is an integral part of ecotourism initiatives in Belize. You must travel to the jungles and rain forests in Belize only in the company of experienced or trained local guides. You must take care not to go too close to the important wildlife habitats if you plan to visit such areas without a guide. You must also not destroy any plant life or walk on fragile vegetation. You must neither intrude between a bird or animal parent and its young nor try to remove birds or animals from tree cavities, caves or dens. 
Ecotourism Belize also calls for sensible waste disposal in such a way so as to not affect the environment as a whole. You must dispose wastes in the designated land fills or garbage disposal containers. Areas that are closed for public entry must not be trespassed. You must also obey rules and regulations and not interfere with areas of scientific research. Being un-intrusive and quiet can reap rich rewards especially while going on Belize adventure jungle trips and trails.