Belize Districts

Explore the tropical Belize districts and embrace the Caribbean Sea for a perfect getaway away from home. There are six districts in Belize: Belize District, Orange Walk District, Corozal District, Toledo District, Stann Creek District and Cayo District. All these Belize districts have several distinctive features irrespective of the common historic bonds as well as culture.

A Closer Look at the Belize Districts

Belize districts make the homeland of diverse population with different races as well as ethnicities consisting of Mayas to Garifunas. The spectacular topography, amalgamation of varied cultures, awe-inspiring flora and fauna, as well as myriad of tourist attractions make districts of Belize, worth a visit. So, walk through the inners of Belize districts and take away home, a refreshing experience. 

Corozal District

Corozal Belize District is the northernmost Belize district that was an ancient Mayan settlement, sharing boundaries with Mexico. The tropical climatic condition gives rise to marshy Savannah. It also houses copious fertile areas, which makes it ideal for agriculture. Sugarcane is the prime agricultural crop of this Belize region. Apart from this, Corozal town is renowned for its tourist attractions. 

Orange Walk District

Orange Walk District covers 1790 square miles area and its population comprises of mostly Mestizo, Creole, Spanish and Mennonite farmers. Also, the district is well known for its archeological sites. Agriculture is the major occupation of the natives of this district. A stroll across the district is always fulfilling.

Belize District

Belize District centered in the middle of the country has a fascinating past. Pirates were the first European settlers. Also, the district is festooned with inland lagoons, flowing rivers, and alike. Belize district’s natural beauty is primarily due to its geographical features. The district has the Belize port as well as Ladyville, the Belize International Airport

Cayo District

Belize Cayo District is a beautiful district of Belize that has extensive greenery as well as bustling cities providing it a contrasting outlook. Cayo Belize houses varied population of Chinese, Creoles, Mayas, Mennonites, Mestizos, and so on. The district encompasses the capital, Belmopan and many other centers such as Santa Elena, San Ignacio, and so on. This district covers 2061 square miles of area approximately. 

Stann Creek District

Stann Creek District, the popular district of Belize is characterized for its topography. It covers an area of 986 square miles and has numerous beaches to unwind you. So, a visit to Stann Creek District will always be full of pleasure. 

Toledo District

Toledo District Belize is also known as the ‘forgotten land’ and is known for its bounteous natural surroundings. It is also best for the tourists looking for adventure as well as exploration.