Deep Water Fishing

Instead of going on a regular vacation, you can consider an exciting and adventurous holiday such as a fishing holiday in Belize. Especially around the Ambergris Caye one can go on a fantastic deep sea fishing vacation.

Locations for deep sea fishing

  • Deep sea fishing at Barrier Reef: The barrier reef is located very close and hardly ½ an mile from the beach. In this deep sea fishing Belize you can catch varied varieties of fishes such as wahoo, kingfish, shark, sailfish, Dorado and grouper. The fishes that takes the bite differs based on the sea currents of the Caribbean. To know more on them, you can gather the knowledge on what type of bites it requires and also the time it bites. You can use or ask for a combined fishing methods such as fast trolling, bottom fishing, or live bait drifting depending on the type of fish.
  • Neighboring Islands: Those who want to explore more of the deep water fishing Belize they can take a trip to the nearby islands that has interesting fishing spots. The islands are between 5 miles and 15 miles out of the coast of Belize. You can go on a full day or a half a day trip. One of the famous fishing spots are Lighthouse and Turneffe.

Options for deep sea fishing

There are many Belize fishing packages that depend on the duration and the boat size you prefer. Exclusively for deep sea fishing there are boats which has a length around 26 feet to 38 feet. There are also boats that have a length of 23 feet to 25 feet. The larger boats hold many impressive points such as wider beam, more stability, and the large fishing cockpit area. Also, when you go as a family, large boat is the more comfortable option. The smaller boats for the deep sea fishing are not easy to procure and are only allowed to rent based on the weather. Also, it cannot accommodate more than 4 people at a time. Some boats accommodate only around 2 to 3 persons. Also, the smaller boats do not have a restroom option, but they are price perspective very economical when compared to the larger ones. 
Never forget to carry your seasick pills just in case of emergencies and sun block and have a great time at the deep water fishing Belize.