Dangriga, the place the Garifuna settled in Belize

Dangriga, a small coastal town in Stann Creek District, is the place where the Garifuna settled in Belize. They are still living in the neighborhood of this place. Dangriga was earlier called Stann Creek Town.

Dangriga has a lot of facilities including a regional airport and a regional hospital and is so an important place for the Stann Creek District.

The Coco Plum Island Resort is located on three cayes, islands, which are 8 miles of the coast of Dangriga. The Blue Marlin Beach Resort, the International Zoological Expeditions Belize and the Pelican Beach Resort have locations on the South Water Caye, which is 12 miles east from the coast of Belize
The retirement community Hummingbird Estates Belize is located in the neighborhood of Dangriga at approximately 3 miles distance at the Southern Highway Junction of the Hummingbird Highway.