Cuxlin Ha Resort near Punta Gorda, Belize

This hotel with the name Cuxlin Ha Resort (Cuxlin Ha means living water in Mayan) is actually not a beach resort, but in the descriptions on the internet more a down-to-earth hotel in the jungle of the Toledo District of Belize. This is probably also the reason that on the internet there are very different reviews from terrible to excellent. The resort is located a 10 miles of Punta Gorda and the most facilities are also situated in Punta Gorda.

Cuxlin Ha Resort is located in an original Ketchi Maya village, while the owners of the resort buyed the property from the villagers. The resort owners gave the villagers the option to stay in their houses. Strange however is that the houses of the Maya families are made of concrete blocks, stone and thatched roofs, which is not a Mayan way of building. People say that the Mayan people are not so happy any more with this construction, while the promised profits are not happening. 
Staying at the Cuxlin Ha Resort seems to be only possible for a week or longer with a price of BZD 100 (USD 50) to BZD 150 (USD 75) per night.