Declaring Cash at Belize Customs

Belize customs has clearly stated on it’s website that there are several things you must declare when entering the country. On arrival, you will be required to present a filled-out form that is used to determine what import taxes may be due. You must complete one form only per family. Note that these limits are per family.

You must indicate to Belize customs whether you are bringing any of the following: 
  • Plants, fruits, vegetables, meats or live animals
  • Arms or ammunition
  • More than BZD 10,000.00 in Belize Currency or its equivalent in other currencies
This article is only on the cash you bring with you.

BZD 10,000.00 is equivalent to exactly USD 5,000.00. By not taking any more than this amount of money with you, you can avoid unneeded delays at customs. If you need more money while in Belize, you can always use ATM machines in Belize to withdraw more cash or visit a domestic bank
Again, according to the official Belize customs website
No duties are payable on the importation of currency. If you are carrying in excess of BZD 10,000.00 or foreign equivalent you must complete a “Report of Currency Importation” form C300, to be supplied by a Customs Officer.