Customs in Belize

Not all goods can be imported into Belize freely. There can be restrictions on what may be imported, you may have to pay taxes and import duties, or there can be a requirement for a quarantine inspection.

Before you travel to Belize it is good to check if you can bring your baggage. Please have a look which goods are restricted, for which you have to pay taxes or import duties and for which good a quarantine inspection is needed.  
Most of the time if you will be visiting Belize for a vacation you will be fine and will have no need to declare anything to customs. An exception for this could be a large sum of money or the fact that you are bringing foods with you. 
When you are moving to Belize or are retiring in Belize, you probably would like to bring some goods from your home country. In that case it is more probable that you have to do business with the customs of Belize.