Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary

The Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary in Belize is so called because of the crooked cashew trees that are seen in abundance around the lagoon. Crooked Tree is the oldest village in Belize which sees large numbers of migrating birds flocking to the lagoons, swamps and rivers from December to May. Tourists visit Belize to have a glimpse of the migrating birds between February and May which are the best months for bird watching in this place.

Bird-watchers can experience sheer ornithological bliss since they can see a wide range of birds such as whistling ducks, tiger herons, snail kites, black-collared hawks and ospreys in this wonderful place. If they are lucky, they can also see other rare species of birds such as Jabiru storks, the largest flying bird in the Americas and many other species of kingfishers etc. 
There is a Visitors Center in the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary that is open between 8am to 4:30pm where visitors can remit their admission fee. Here they can also get a trail map and information regarding the sanctuary and local bird guides. There is an observation tower and a 700 yard boardwalk almost 3 miles north of the village center. Tourists can reach the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary by walking or driving from December to May. They can access it through boat rides during the remaining months.

The other areas to explore in the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary include the Black Creek and the Spanish Creek which are known for their lush vegetation, plenty of rare birds etc. In the Black Creek, visitors can have a glimpse of rare wildlife species such as iguana and turtles, black howler monkeys, coatimundi and crocodiles. From Spanish Creek, visitors can easily reach Chau Hix, an old Mayan site with a pyramid rising up to 80 feet in height. 
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