Crime in Belize

Belize is a safe country for both living and travelling, but of course it is necessary to be always careful. The emergency numbers for the police in Belize are 90 and 911.

Precautions as a tourist in Belize

Avoiding crime in Belize as a tourist is quite simple with a few precautions. Tourists should be aware of (drugs) peddlers at tourist spots. These peddlers could be very persistent, but will also take no for an answer.  
In Belize City tourist should be aware of muggers and hustlers. If you take normal travelers’ precautions, you probably won’t be a victim of crime in Belize. Beside muggers and hustlers in Belize City, Belize had some occasional incidents of armed robbery in regularly visited isolated spots. This is mostly in the west of Belize (at the border with Guatemala) and also some have been reported on the Hummingbird Highway.

Travelling as a woman alone in Belize

It is possible for a woman to travel alone in Belize. You will probably notice that local men are very direct in making advances. Most of the time they will stop bothering you when you are making clear that you are not interested. Beside of that can it be a good idea to wear decent (not to sexy) clothes. 

Drugs are illegal in Belize

All drugs are illegal in Belize. The enforcement of this policy is done with fines and jailings.