Explore the Country of Belize

The small country of Belize has a lot of different aspects to explore, including islands, beaches, rivers, mountains, rainforests, waterfalls and Mayan culture.

Probably you're first question will be where Belize is located. Belize is a country that has gone largely under the radar, so the “Where is Belize located” question is a genuine one. In this case it is also informative to have a look at the Contour Map of Belize
It is possible that you know Belize under his former name, British Honduras. In 1973 British Honduras changed his name to Belize. The quality of life in Belize is rich in culture, tradition and ethics. Tourists to Belize have the opportunity to enjoy and involve in the Belizean quality of life. 
The landscape of the country of Belize is very different with islands, beaches, rivers, mountains, caves, rainforests and waterfalls.