Corozal District in Belize

Belize Corozal is a paradise where the tourists can taste some off-beat pleasures that are rare in nature. The place is having a historical importance with an enriched culture that makes it exclusive for the tourists. Corozal is the most northern district of Belize with as capital Corozal Town.

The Corozal Belize district will give you the true local flavor of Belize. With the Consejo village you become closer to the rustic Belize. Only 5 minutes by boat from Mexico, this place was notoriously called the Smuggler’s Savanna. With an ancient Mayan history the place is great for holiday makers looking for something ‘off the beaten track’. The striking ancient blend of the Mexican and the Mayan cultural flavors are very much predominant here. 

Explore the ancient history of Belize Corozal

The Mayan heritage of this place situated in Central America, is being counted as the main highlight of every tour made in Corozal. Apart from this the shopaholics can indulge in duty-free shopping as the place has almost 200 stores and outlets. The duty-free zone encourages imports in bulk, thus making it one of the imperative districts for shopping. The town hall in Belize district Corozal must be visited for an outlook on Belize’s history. To view some fine artifacts of Mayan culture, one must visit the Corozal History Museum in Belize. 

Other popular attraction of the Corozal district in Belize

Corozal district in Belize is well popular for the Shipstern Nature Reserve where one can experience the inimitable beauty of about 22,000 acres of mangroves, wetlands and lagoons. Apart from this, bird watching from the place is absolutely amazing as one can view diverse species of birds in a guided hike tour. The Bacalar Chico National Park & Marine Reserve is yet another attraction for the tourists that can be reached with a boat ride of about an hour.  

Accommodation and reaching Corozal district

There is an array of Belize hotels that are available for all types of tourists. Tourists can choose to stay in any of these hotels according to their budget and preferences. Belize Corozal resorts and hotels conduct various tours for the tourists within their packages. Flights to Corozal Town are available from the international as well as municipal airports in Belize City. Therefore it is easy to get a flight whenever an individual will plan for a vacation in the Corozal District. Good deal of amenities and services are provided to the tourists. There are various budget hotels that can be opted. Belize district Corozal has an assortment of dinning places that can be enjoyed within the vacation.