Columbia Forest Reserve

Columbia Forest Reserve in Belize is the most charming forest of the world. The forest is situated in the tropical part of the Maya Mountains and is best visited from January to March. One thing must be kept in mind that the place is the wettest area of Belize.

Some of the most recent voyages have recorded a few numbers of the habitats of the forest that are rare and have not been explored before. The most thrilling forest experience of Belize is best part of visiting the place. The hot weather along with wet areas have helped the trees to grow in abundance. 
Belize Columbia Forest Reserve is an absolute fun to visit. One can come to know the various aspects of the wildlife that dwells in this place. Birds, amphibians, and reptiles and the various mammals have been here for years and some have undergone an ecological transformation. The two frog species that have been recorded recently is very new.

The local population of the place is entirely based on Kekchi and Mopan Maya Indians. A wide range of landforms are visible within the forest area. The stepped and rugged limestone karst is there covering most of the areas and there are also numerous caves and sinkholes in this place. 
Columbia Forest Reserve of Belize is worth to visit for the tourists who can easily find an accommodation in the guest house of the village or in the basic homes. The harmonious combination of flora and fauna of the place is the best part of the forest. The nature here is having a wild beauty that is really atypical.  
Little Quartz Ridge is the most outstanding and important geological feature of the place. The caverns of the forest act as the suitable place for various wild animals to breed. Permission from the Forestry department is absolutely necessary to enter Columbia Forest Reserve Belize.