Cerros Sands in Copper Bank, Corozal, Belize

Cerros Sands is a planned gated retirement community at the beach La Playa de Cerros in the Corozal District of Belize. This expat community is still in the process of development, but it is widely renowned as one of the prospect retirement community in Belize not only due its affordability, but also due to the location in a region with a lot of expats, at a beautiful coastal beach and near inland tourist spots.

Location: Copper Bank, Corozal District, Belize, Central America 

The lots in Cerros Sands start at a price of BZD 35,400 (USD 17,700) for a lot with view of the beach and for a lot at a channel at BZD 58,000 (USD 29,000). The beachfront lots have a starting price of BZD 198,000 (USD 99,000). Part of the development is the possibility to use one of the already designed custom homes to be build on your lot, but it is also possible to build a house of your own design. 
This expat community is still in development. A small 50% of the lots is already planned, at 7 lots a house is build right now. So this community will still take some years to develop to a real retirement community. The yearly costs for the expat community are BZD 1,000 (USD 500). 
If you want more information please visit the webpage about the retirement community Cerros Sands