Cayo District in Belize

Cayo District Belize located along the western side of Belize is one of the most versatile locales of the nation. When you are planning for a vacation to this district of Belize, the primary question that you will just have to ignore is “what will you do in here?”. You are answered quite easily by the location itself and its fascinating picturesque landscape. Cayo is one of the most mysterious yet easily accessible traveling destinations in the world.

The perfect blend of the rustic and the modern Belize makes Belize Cayo district a ideal stopover for those tourists who would love to immerse themselves the true flavor of the place. The colonial culture, the coastal plains, the wide range of wildlife along with the best of services and accommodations, you are sure to be touched by the natural hospitality of the place. 

Attractions in the Cayo District

From culture to landscape to even the food and location, Cayo in Belize presents quite an interesting gamut of options to every traveler. One of the most important positive traits of the location is the options and the variety that you get for yourself and your family. The past and the present dwells with equal prestige and honour in this district and presents for a galore that is bound to astound you when you are touring the locale. Belize Cayo District holds within its culture the left over traces of the Mayan cultures and juxtaposes the same with the brilliant present and the urban extravaganza.

When you are travelling along the Cayo District Belize, one thing you will never want to miss is the wildlife of the place. You might not be such an out-and-out nature and wildlife lover. However, you will always be struck with wonder when you get to meet such a lovely league of animals and birds in this district. The rainforest is one of the most richly populated places in Cayo that welcomes you with a vibrant wildlife and vegetation. From the toucan birds to the wide variety of monkeys, nothing goes a miss when you visit these colorful yet mystic forests of this district. 
A significant mixed culture is also reflected within the population of the Belize Cayo. This mixture and availability of plentiful culture happens due to the location of the district. Positioned near the border the region opens up to several places and thus, results into the free movement of people along the same region too. From the splendid waterfalls, caves to the beautiful steep mountain ranges and the lush green valleys everything is a huge attraction along with the modern accommodations and the ancient ruins. Belize Cayo District outshines over the other traveling locations of the world owing to its rich and simple flora and fauna. 
If you are planning to explore the Cayo district, don’t miss out on Santa Elena and San Ignacio. These places are separated by the suspension bridge, Hawksworth Bridge. The Mayan ruins of Xunantunich, San Ignacio, the tombs and the pyramids are witness to the changing times and the ancient cultural heritage of the country. The other popular attractions that you can include are those of the Clarissa Falls, the waterfalls at the Pine Ridge, the highest of the country, Cohal Peche with the Mayan ruins and more.